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asteroid family
population of asteroids that share similar proper orbital elements
Descriptionpopulation of asteroids that share similar proper orbital elements
Representsasteroid family (Q249083)
Associated item
Data typeItem
Template parameterfamily of asteroids is indicated in the text of articles
According to this template: minor planet (Q1022867), in particular asteroids - asteroid (Q3863)
According to statements in the property:
minor planet (Q1022867)
When possible, data should only be stored as statements
Allowed valuesasteroid classification (Q15101896), in particular asteroid families - asteroid family (Q249083) (note: this should be moved to the property statements)
Example221 Eos (Q148187)Eos family (Q2085085)
Sourceasteroid family (Q249083) (note: this information should be moved to a property statement; use property source website for the property (P1896))
Tracking: usageCategory:Pages using Wikidata property P744 (Q28919904)
Proposal discussionProperty proposal/Archive/11#P744
Current uses170
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Type “minor planet (Q1022867): element must contain property “instance of (P31)” with classes “minor planet (Q1022867)” or their subclasses (defined using subclass of (P279)). (Help)
List of this constraint violations: Database reports/Constraint violations/P744#Type Q1022867, hourly updated report, SPARQL, SPARQL (new)
Value type “asteroid family (Q249083): This property should use items as value that contain property “instance of (P31)”. On these, the value for instance of (P31) should be an item that uses subclass of (P279) with value asteroid family (Q249083) (or a subclass thereof). (Help)
Exceptions are possible as rare values may exist.
List of this constraint violations: Database reports/Constraint violations/P744#Value type Q249083, SPARQL, SPARQL (new)
Single value: this property generally contains a single value. (Help)
List of this constraint violations: Database reports/Constraint violations/P744#Single value, hourly updated report, SPARQL, SPARQL (new)
Scope is: the property must be used by specified way only (Help)
List of this constraint violations: Database reports/Constraint violations/P744#scope, hourly updated report, SPARQL (new)


This property has a fixed number of items, listed also in the constraints one value above. The updated list is here.

Items of an asteroid family should have:

Property Data type description required
instance of (P31) Item that class of which this subject is a particular example and member (subject typically an individual member with a proper name label); different from P279; using this property as a qualifier is deprecated—use P2868 or P3831 instead . Possible values: asteroid family (Q249083) yes
named after (P138) Item entity or event that inspired the subject's name, or namesake (in at least one language) yes
subclass of (P279) Item all instances of these items are instances of those items; this item is a class (subset) of that item. Not to be confused with P31 (instance of) no
part of (P361) Item object of which the subject is a part (it's not useful to link objects which are themselves parts of other objects already listed as parts of the subject). Inverse property of "has part" (P527, see also "has parts of the class" (P2670)). no
topic's main category (P910) Item main Wikimedia category no