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This is the documentation page for Module:Cycling race

Module Cycling race is hosted on Wikidata, where the code is developed. There are several language versions of this module, with several adaptations, which are getting an update if the code is improved. Don´t rename the copy or change the code, since this makes it difficult or even impossible to update your language version. A better way is to directly improve this module or to come to the talk page of this module in Wikidata (d:Module talk:Cycling race) to ask for improvements or to show us your improvements. But if you decide to go it alone, no problem, since this code is open source.

The major functions of this module are used to display data tables with content from Wikidata. This documentation will show you how to use this module and how you can insert into Wikidata items your data so that this module is able to show your data on your local Wikipedia.

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Messages to our users[edit]

  • You want to display the name of countries in teamroster, stageclassification and generalclassification ? Create on your Wikipedia the Module:Cycling race/lang, translate it and link it to Module:Cycling race/lang (Q27922085). If you show quite often country names that are not in the lang module it is better to adapt the list, because this will speed up the Wikipedia article. Another reason to edit the lang module is to shorten a long country name.
  • You want to work in your language ? Translate our kit and verify each month our new entries. Don't forget our kit about jerseys.
  • You can update your documentation about Template:Cycling race/listofwinners (Q22054867) thanks to the two new specific cases detailed on Modèle:Cycling race/listofwinners : a race with a name change and a race with an edition cancelled.
  • You want 2017 team rosters ? Click here and take our data. Make yourself the necessary updates if a cyclist change of team during the season. You want data for 2017 races ? click here.


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Documenting functions[edit]

Cycling race/listofstages[edit]

Wikidata:WikiProject Cycling/Documentation/listofstages

Cycling race/listofwinners[edit]

Wikidata:WikiProject Cycling/Documentation/listofwinners

Cycling race/infobox[edit]

Wikidata:WikiProject Cycling/Documentation/infobox

Cycling race/teamroster[edit]

Wikidata:WikiProject Cycling/Documentation/teamroster

Cycling race/generalclassification[edit]

Wikidata:WikiProject Cycling/Documentation/generalclassification

Cycling race/stageclassification[edit]

Wikidata:WikiProject Cycling/Documentation/stageclassification

Cycling race/teamtimetrialclassification[edit]

Wikidata:WikiProject Cycling/Documentation/teamtimetrialclassification

Cycling race/listofteams[edit]

Wikidata:WikiProject Cycling/Documentation/listofteams

Cycling race/stageinfobox[edit]

Wikidata:WikiProject Cycling/Documentation/stageinfobox

Cycling race/teamsclassificationbytime[edit]

Wikidata:WikiProject Cycling/Documentation/teamsclassificationbytime

Cycling race/teamsclassificationbypoints[edit]

Wikidata:WikiProject Cycling/Documentation/teamsclassificationbypoints

Cycling race/pointsclassification[edit]

Wikidata:WikiProject Cycling/Documentation/pointsclassification

Cycling race/mountainsclassification[edit]

Wikidata:WikiProject Cycling/Documentation/mountainsclassification

Cycling race/sprintsclassification[edit]

Wikidata:WikiProject Cycling/Documentation/sprintsclassification

Cycling race/bestyoungclassification[edit]

Wikidata:WikiProject Cycling/Documentation/bestyoungclassification

Cycling race/u23classification[edit]

Wikidata:WikiProject Cycling/Documentation/u23classification

Cycling race/combinationclassification[edit]

Wikidata:WikiProject Cycling/Documentation/combinationclassification

Cycling race/combativeclassification[edit]

Wikidata:WikiProject Cycling/Documentation/combativeclassification

Cycling race/generalclassificationforttt (New)[edit]

Wikidata:WikiProject Cycling/Documentation/generalclassificationforttt

Cycling race/calendar[edit]

Cycling race/cyclistinfobox[edit]

This function is planned, it will generate in the body of the article the infobox for a cyclist.

Wikidata:WikiProject Cycling/Documentation/cyclistinfobox

Kit to translate[edit]

Wikidata:WikiProject Cycling/Kit to translate
Wikidata:WikiProject Cycling/Kit to translate/Jerseys
Wikidata:WikiProject Cycling/Kit to translate/Championships

Wikidata:WikiProject Cycling/Listofwinners

Sourcing Wikidata[edit]

Wikidata:WikiProject Cycling/Sourcing Wikidata

Documention of the code[edit]

The more technical documentation of the program is published in English on the page Module talk:Cycling race/doc.