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Wikidata screenshot - adding a new sitelink

Sydłowe wotkazy (abo mjezywikijowe wotkazy abo Lisćina stronow zwjazanych z elementom) su wosebite wotkazy, kotrež wopřimuja sydło a titul a wjedu wot jednotliwych elementow we Wikidata do stronow na druhich sydłach kaž na př. Wikipedija. Wužiwaja so za identifikowanje elementa z eksterneho sydła kaž tež jako narunanje za mjezyrěčne wotkazy. Sydłowe wotkazy móža znački měć a pokazuja zwjetša, zo strona je wuběrny nastawk była abo podobny status měła.

Before Wikidata: Interlanguage links between all languages
After the start of Wikidata: Sitelinks to all languages from one central point


Typically items have at least one corresponding page on a Wikimedia site such as Wikipedia, Wikivoyage, Wikisource, Wikiquote, or Wikimedia Commons (however, there are some exceptions to this rule). Having at least one sitelink ensures that an item meets Wikidata's notability criteria. Sitelinks are also useful for ensuring that items in Wikidata represent only one unique concept; in cases when more than one item could reasonably correspond to the same Wikimedia page, it is likely that the items should be merged together.

Sitelinks serve as a replacement for a previous system of interlanguage links that was used to link from a page in one language on a Wikimedia site to an equivalent page in another language, for example the English Wikipedia page on Paris to the French Wikipedia page on Paris. These interlanguage links used to be stored locally on each Wikimedia site and maintained separately in each language so that if the name of a page on one Wikimedia site changed, then the other Wikimedia sites in each language would need to have their links updated to reflect the changes. Sitelinks thereby improve upon this system by having everything centralized in Wikidata.

Linking to Wikimedia site pages[edit]

Wikidata currently supports sitelinks for Wikipedia, Wikinews, Wikiquote, Wikisource, Wikivoyage, Wikibooks, and Wikimedia Commons (other Wikimedia projects will be added later). The site id for English Wikipedia is enwiki, for French Wikipedia frwiki and so on and for Commons commonswiki. The site id for English Wikimedia projects are enwikinews, enwikiquote, enwikisource, enwikivoyage etcetera.

Sitelinks are for linking items to standalone pages that already exist on Wikimedia sites. Wikidata sitelinks do not support anchors (links to a specific section of a page). Anchors are preceded by the "#" character on Wikimedia sites.

For example, a sitelink for the item for The Beatles (Q1299) should only link to the Wikipedia page on The Beatles ( — and not any sections of that page, such as Moreover, it's not possible for any item on Wikidata to link to just the Discography section of The Beatles page because this would require an anchor link. However, it would be possible to link a different item, The Beatles discography (Q829965) to a different Wikipedia page (i.e. one that is completely devoted to The Beatles discography, such as

It is, however, possible to maintain sitelinks for anchors outside of Wikidata and locally on Wikimedia sites. Please see Interlanguage links with anchors section for more on this.

Note that you can only add a particular sitelink to one item on Wikidata. You will see an error message when attempting to add a new sitelink if that link has already been added to another item page. If you receive an error message but believe the item you are editing is the most appropriate one for a sitelink, you may need to merge two items. Please consult Help:Merge or visit Wikidata:Interwiki conflicts to report a conflict and ask for others to look at the situation. Another solution can be using Interlanguage links with anchors-for example the English Wikipedia redirect "Planform (aeronautics)" (redirecting to English Wikipedia page "Wing configuration"). The page "Wing configuration" already has a Wikidata item page wing configuration (Q2992500), so using the redirect as a sitelink for no label (Q2643782) is essentialy linking to English Wikipedia page "Wing configuration" from two item pages, which is not allowed. This can be solved as described in the relevant section.


Přidaj rěče jenož, jeli nastawk eksistuje w tej rěčnej wersiji Wikipediji. Zwjazany nastawk měł eksistowacy nastawk być.


Badges for good and featured articles are stored on Wikidata right in front of the sitelink.

Mjenowe rumy[edit]

Zhromadźenstwo Wikidata je so w RFC dojednało, zo wšě mjenowe rumy Wikipedijowych projektow - z wuwzaćom mjenoweho ruma "User/Wužiwar" - hodźa so na Wikidata składować. To ma na sebi, zo mjezywikijowe wotkazy za kategorije, předłohi a strony Wikipedijowych prawidłow hodźa so tež we Wikidata składować a lokalnje wotstronić, jeli to so přez wobě zgromadźenstwje přewjedźe. Za přikład elemente we Wikidata, kotryž poćahuje so na mjenowy rum Wikipedije, hlej element Q4167836, kotryž poćahuje so na en:Wikipedia:Categorization.

Note that only when adding a sitelink for a page that is outside of a Wikimedia site's main namespace you need to keep the namespace in the page title.


Wikidata item: Wikimedia category (Q4167836)
Wikiquote page to add as sitelink:
Wikimedia site to add under "Language Code": English enwikiquote
Page title to add under "Linked page": Help:Category

Wikidata item: Joan of Arc (Q7226)
Wikiquote page to add as sitelink:
Wikiquote site to add under "Language Code": English enwikiquote
Page title to add under "Linked page": Joan of Arc

Guidelines for using sitelinks on other Wikimedia sites[edit]

Managing Wikidata sitelinks[edit]

Wotkazy Wikidata potłóčić[edit]

Jednotliwy nastawk we wěstej Wikipedijowej rěči móže z pomocu magiskeho słowa {{noexternallanglinks}} wotkazy Wikidata dospołnje potłóčować. Magiske słowo podpěruje tež potłóčowanje wěstych rěčow we formje "{{noexternallanglinks:es|fr|it}}", štož by španiske, francoske a italske wotkazy potłóčowało. Žane z tutych wužićow zadźěwa nalistowanju wšěch sydłowych wotkazow elementa přez Wikidata.

Mjezyrěčne wotkazy z kótwičkami[edit]

Screenshot of "Languages" (Wikidata sitelinks) highlighted on a Wikimedia page

In the previous system of interlanguage links, an anchor link was used when a Wikimedia site did not have an exact match in another language for a corresponding page, but did have a page that dealt in part with the same subject. As discussed above, Wikidata does not support anchors as sitelinks, so interlanguage links with anchors must be retained locally on the Wikimedia sites (not Wikidata) if desired.

Druhdy mjezyrěčny wotkaz zapřimuje kótwičku, kotraž je wotkaz k wotrězkej nastawka. Kótwička reprezentuje so přez znamješko "#" (na př. fr:Analyse de survie#Fonction de survie). Tajki wotkaz so wužiwa, hdyž zwjazana Wikipedija nima eksaktnje wotpowědowacy nastawk, ale ma nastawk, kotryž wobjedna dźěl samsneje temy. Mjezyrěčne wotkazy we Wikidata njepodpěruja kótwički po designje, tohodla dyrbja so mjezyrěčne wotkazy z kótwičkami we Wikipediji samej definować, jeli požadane. Hlej na přikład kónc wikiteksta w nastawku en:Survival function: Wikidata dodawa wšě mjezyrěčne wotkazy přez Q2915096 - z wuwzaćom toho do francoskeje Wikipedije, kotaryž, dokelž to je wotkaz k wotrězkej, podawa so město toho lokalnje w nastawku samym.

Talk pages[edit]

When linking from a Wikidata talk page (or most other pages other than items) to another Wikimedia project, a prefix is used in the wiki markup. For example, of one wished to link to the documentation about JSON format on, one could write [[mediawikiwiki:Wikibase/DataModel/JSON]] and the result would be mediawikiwiki:Wikibase/DataModel/JSON.

A table of available prefixes may be found at Special:Interwiki.

Hlej tež[edit]

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