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There are many namespaces in Wikidata; this page provides information on some of the key ones you might encounter as a contributor. For a full list, see the advanced search option at Special:Search which allows you to search Wikidata by namespace.

List of namespaces[edit]

Main namespace[edit]

The main namespace is reserved for items only. Instead of following the convention of a name followed by a colon, for the URL of pages in this namespace, page titles immediately follow the forward slash after the word 'wiki'. Pages are titled according to their unique identifiers (Q###). They don't contain wiki code and their content is internally formatted in JSON.

Example page:


This namespace is only for properties. It is similar to the main namespace in that it is for editing data. Pages are also titled according to unique identifiers—in this case, P###. For pages in the main and property namespaces, it is only possible to edit the respective parts of an item or a property through the various edit links. There is no main "edit" tab at the top right side of item or property pages and the pages contain no wiki code, like the main-space pages. For more information on editing items and properties, see Help:Items and Help:Properties.

Example page:


The Wikidata namespace, or project namespace, is for pages with information or discussion about Wikidata itself, such as status updates by the development team. This is also where you can find task forces, groups of contributors who work together to improve a particular aspect of Wikidata.

Example page:


This namespace is used for user pages. Each Wikidata user has a corresponding page in the User namespace, which is linked to from edit histories and wherever an individual user is uniquely identified.

Example page:

Talk namespaces[edit]

Talk namespaces exist for all of the above namespaces; a talk namespace is used for discussions related to its corresponding namespace. For example, the Help Talk namespace could be used for giving or receiving feedback on proposed changes to Help pages; the Property Talk namespace is where debate and discussion of a specific property and its appropriate usage takes place.

Example pages:


This namespace is used for special pages that are used for administrative purposes, like statistics, maintenance reports, and user accounts and permissions. The pages are not directly editable and it is not possible to create pages in this namespace except by modifying the MediaWiki software.

Example page:

Yellow background color indicates data namespaces, while the others are meta namespaces available on the Wikidata server.

Table of Namespaces[edit]

Underlined namespaces are aliases for the non-underlined namespace they are listed with.

Index Prefix Title example Purpose Associated discussion namespace
-2 Media: Alias for direct links to media files. This is a virtual namespace. You cannot create or delete these. No associated discussion namespace
-1 Special: Special:SpecialPages MediaWiki automatic generated content. This is a virtual namespace. Not directly editable. No associated discussion namespace
0 (blank) Q1 Main namespace, for items. 1 Talk:
2 User: User:Example User pages 3 User talk:
4 Wikidata:
Wikidata:Glossary Policies, guidelines, portals, wikiproject pages. 5 Wikidata talk:
Project talk:
6 File: Media description pages (currently not used) 7 File talk:
8 MediaWiki: MediaWiki:Aboutsite User interface customization. Protected by default. 9 MediaWiki talk:
10 Template: Template:Welcome Templates 11 Template talk:
12 Help: Help:Contents Help pages 13 Help talk:
14 Category: Category:Contents Category description pages 15 Category talk:
120 Property:
Property:P17 Property definition pages 121 Property talk:
122 Query: Query:U1 Query definition pages (currently unused, reserved for later use for automated list generation and related uses) 123 Query talk:
146 Lexeme:
Lexeme:L1 Lexemes 147 Lexeme talk:
640 EntitySchema: EntitySchema Schemas 641 EntitySchema talk:
828 Module: Module:Wikidata Scribunto modules 829 Module talk:
1198 Translations: Translations:Wikidata:Introduction/2/en Used by the translation interface 1199 Translations talk:
2300 Gadget: Not currently in use 2301 Gadget talk:
2302 Gadget definition: Not currently in use 2303 Gadget definition talk:
2600 Topic: Structured Discussions topics No associated discussion namespace

See also[edit]

For additional information and guidance, see:

  • Project chat, for discussing all and any aspects of Wikidata
  • Wikidata:Glossary, the glossary of terms used in this and other Help pages
  • Help:FAQ, frequently asked questions asked and answered by the Wikidata community
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