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Data types defines how the statement will behave, and what kind of data they take. Different types of statements uses different types of properties, and they are also using different data types. During creation of properties one of the choices is to set the data type, and once set the property gets locked to this data type. That has implications for how they can be used and there must be some amount of planning before a useful property can be defined.

La coordinació del treball de propietats passa per Wikidata:Property proposal.

Propietats per tipus

For a list of the properties that currently require each type of data type, see either:

Llista de tipus de dades

Commons media

type: commonsMedia (Commons media file)
list of properties: Categoria:Propietats amb tipus commonsMedia -- Special:ListProperties/commonsMedia

References to files on Wikimedia Commons. During entry in the textfield the "File" namespace on Commons will be searched for matching entries. These files can be used both to illustrate the concepts in Wikidata and as an actual property value for inclusion on Wikipedia. (Note that the file isn't displayed in Wikidata for now, it only renders a link.)

  • Wikidata-logo.svg

Globe coordinate

type: globe-coordinate (Geographic coordinates)
list of properties: Category:Properties with globe-coordinate-datatype -- Special:ListProperties/globe-coordinate

A geographical position given as a latitude-longitude pair in gms or decimal degrees for the given stellar body. Defaults to "Earth" (globe: http://www.wikidata.org/entity/Q2) and "WGS84". It adds a resolution and range.(?)


type: wikibase-item (Item)
list of properties: Category:Properties with wikibase-item-datatype -- Special:ListProperties/wikibase-item

Internal link to another item.


type: (Property)
list of properties: Category:Properties with wikibase-property-datatype -- Special:ListProperties/wikibase-property

Internal link to a property.


type: string (String)
list of properties: Category:Properties with string-datatype -- Special:ListProperties/string

Chain of characters, numbers and symbols that don't need to be translated into different languages or number formats. A string is not used for calculations.

  • B123
  • 90928390-XLE
  • u29238

Monolingual text

type: monolingualtext (Monolingual text)
list of properties: Category:Properties with monolingualtext-datatype -- Special:ListProperties/monolingualtext

A string that is not translated into other languages. This type of string is defined once and reused in all languages. Typical use is a geographically localized entity name written in the local language, an identifier of some kind, a chemical formula or a latin scientific name. See Help:Monolingual text languages for information about the language codes available for monolingual text values and how to request support for additional language codes. (Note that monolingual text also implies a single script system, which can make the string somewhat problematic.)


type: quantity (Quantity)
list of properties: Category:Properties with quantity-datatype -- Special:ListProperties/quantity

A QuantityValue represents a decimal number, together with information about the uncertainty interval of this number, and a unit of measurement. The attributes are:

  • amount: the quantity's main value
  • lowerBound: the quantity's lower bound (optional)
  • upperBound: the quantity's upper bound (optional)
  • unit: unit of measure item (empty for dimensionless values)

Unit conversion is not yet implemented (October, 11th 2015).

  • 762 (dimensionless)
  • 2500 km (upper and lower bounds are not set, with unit)
  • 1.03 ± 0.02 g (with lower and upper bound, with unit)


type: time (Point in time)
list of properties: Category:Properties with time-datatype -- Special:ListProperties/time

This data type stores a date in Gregorian or Julian calendar. See detailed structure.

  • 2012
  • 1780-05 (=May 1780)
  • 1833-11-1 (=1st November 1833)


type: url (URL)
list of properties: Category:Properties with url-datatype -- Special:ListProperties/url

A generalized "URL" that identifies some kind of external resource, perhaps a link to an external site of some kind, or an identifier used for lookup in some kind of specialized resource.

Mathematical expression

type: math (Mathematical expression)
list of properties: Category:Properties with math-datatype -- Special:ListProperties/math

Formatted string that displays as formula.

See w:Help:Displaying a formula for applicable format.

External identifier

type: external-id (External identifier)
list of properties: Category:Properties with external-id-datatype -- Special:ListProperties/external-id

String that represents an identifier used in an external system. Will display as external link if a formatter URL is defined.

Geographic shape

type: geo-shape (Geographic shape)
list of properties: Category:Properties with geo-shape-datatype -- Special:ListProperties/geo-shape

Reference to map data file on Wikimedia Commons. During entry in the textfield the "Data" namespace on Commons will be searched for matching entries.

Tabular data

type: tabular-data (Tabular data)
list of properties: Category:Properties with tabular-data-datatype -- Special:ListProperties/tabular-data

Reference to tabular data file on Wikimedia Commons. During entry in the textfield the "Data" namespace on Commons will be searched for matching entries.

Pending datatypes

For none of the following dates of implementation are likely to be available. Existing datatypes may solve it in the meantime.

See: Wikidata:Development plan


Used to build Commons media file and Item.

Multilingual text

type: (Multilingual text (not available yet))
list of properties: Category:Properties with multilingualtext-datatype

A string that must be translated into other languages. Use might be an entity name on non-local form, that is translated into various languages and script systems. (Note that multilingual text also imply a lot of manual work during translation.). Actual purpose to be determined.

Value series

A simplified way to store series of values for different points in time. Not in development plan.

Monostring item

A datatype allowing descriptions in any language, but a single label. Not in development plan.

Integer datatype

A quantity datatype for positive integer numbers.

Celestial coordinates

A coordinate format for specifying positions of celestial objects. Not in development plan.

HH:MM:SS time

time in HH:MM:SS format.


Declined. Suggested alternative: item-datatype.

Calculated property

A property calculated by Wikibase and added directly to items. Not in development plan.

Possible uses: number of statements on the item.

Wiktionary supporting datatypes

A few datatypes have been suggested to support a Wiktionary Wikibase.

Remote property

Properties in remote repositories are likely to be identified through a special field on existing entities, not a separate datatype.

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