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USRD logo.svg U.S. Roads
Shortcut: WD:USRD
A task force dedicated to the highways and roadways of the United States

This is a task force to add roads to Wikidata.

Pictogram voting info.svg Info You can use AutoEdit tool to add quickly labels and descriptions on roads in many languages.

Pictogram voting info.svg Info See the proposed task force guidelines.


These are links to the U.S. Roads projects on other Wikimedia Foundation sites.

Current properties[edit]

Wikidata:Roads task force/Typical properties

To-do list[edit]

  1. Add the administrative unit parameter using Legobot and manually.
  2. Add shields and maps by hand.
  3. Rework to use the replacement for roaditem.
  4. Get a property for interchanges, to show the roads that intersect at the interchange.
  5. Figure out how to do interchanges, highway systems, lists.
  6. Manually add terminii properties.
  7. Manually add date properties.
  8. Add coordinates for the interchanges.
  9. Look into deploying at a few friendly wikis.
    Simple English Wikipedia has the map= parameter hooked into Wikidata, and all articles are using it.
    English Wikipedia has the map= parameter hooked into Wikidata for IBR and IRJ, but only a few articles (including all USRD FAs) are using it.
    Other parameters could be deployed to Infobox road junction and Infobox state highway system.


Please update if necessary.


  • Interstate ✓ Done (en)    ✓ Country ✓ System  (road=yes for 2dis and 3dis)
  • U.S. Routes ✓ Done (en)    ✓ Road ✓ Country ✓ System 
  • Trails ✓ Done (en)    ✓ Country  (road=yes except for Lincoln Highway)
  • Miscellaneous ✓ Done (en)    ✓ Country 


Item labels/descriptions instance of/main type shield map is in the administrative unit country maint own system termini terminus locations dates
Alabama en de 
Alaska en de 
List of highways in American Samoa (Q716443) de en
Arizona en de 
Arkansas en de 
California en de 
Colorado en de 
Connecticut en de 
Delaware en de 
District of Columbia en de 
Florida en de 
Georgia en de 
Guam en de 
Hawaii en de 
Idaho en de 
Illinois en de 
Indiana en de 
Iowa en de 
Kansas en de 
Kentucky en de 
Louisiana en de 
Maine en de 
Maryland en de 
Massachusetts en de 
Michigan en de 
Minnesota en de 
Mississippi en de 
Missouri en de 
Montana en de 
Nebraska en de 
Nevada en de 
New Hampshire en de 
New Jersey en de 
New Mexico en de 
New York en de 
North Carolina en de 
North Dakota en de 
Ohio en de 
Oklahoma en de 
Oregon en de 
Pennsylvania en de 
Puerto Rico en de 
Rhode Island en de 
South Carolina en de 
South Dakota en de 
Tennessee en de 
Texas en de 
U.S. Virgin Islands en de 
Utah en de 
Vermont en de 
Virginia en de 
Washington en de 
West Virginia en de 
Wisconsin en de 
Wyoming en de