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Wikidata Tours
Wikidata Tours are interactive tutorials specifically designed for you, the new user. The tours will show you how Wikidata works and teach you how to edit and add data. Wikidata works a bit differently from a typical article-centered wiki like Wikipedia, so even if you've used a wiki before or you're coming to us from another Wikimedia project, you still might want to take a tour or two!
Start with the first tutorial


This tour provides a beginner-friendly introduction to editing Wikidata. You'll learn about items—the basic units that represent knowledge in Wikidata—and get to edit your first item.


In this tour, you’ll learn about more advanced editing on Wikidata and how to create statements for items. This tour is the second one in a series; please take the Items Tour first if you haven't already.

Note that by clicking on the "Start this tutorial" button automatic edits will be performed by your account.