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This pages provides helpful information for all WikiProjects that take care of sports related topics on Wikidata. This wiki page should provide an overview of the current status and useful information for Wikidata editors and users.


Title ID Data type Description Example Inverse
member of sports team P54 Item sports teams or clubs that the subject currently represents or formerly represented -
position played on team P413 Item position the player plays, e.g. Small Forward -
shooting handedness P423 Item whether the hockey, football, handball or tennis player etc. passes oŗ shoots left- or right-handed -
dan/kyu rank P468 Item rank system used in several board games (e.g. go, shogi, renju), martial arts (e.g. judo, kendo, wushu) and some other games -
sport P641 Item type of sport: sport or discipline in which the entity participates or belongs to -
organizer P664 Item person or institution organizing an event -
participant P710 Item person, group of people or organization that actively takes/took part in the event participant of
tennis doubles titles P1130 Number number of tournament victories in tennis doubles -
tennis singles titles P1131 Number number of tournament victories in tennis singles -
participant of P1344 Item event a person was a participant in, inverse of P710 participant
winner P1346 Item winner of an event -
number of matches played P1350 Number matches or games a player officially appeared in -
number of points/goals scored P1351 Number goals / points scored in a match used as qualifier to the participant. Use P1358 for league points. -
country for sport P1532 Item country a person represents when playing a sport -
home venue P115 Item home stadium or venue of a sports team or applicable performing arts organization Juventus F.C. <home venue> Juventus Stadium -
league P118 Item league in which the team plays or has played in Juventus F.C. <league> Serie A -
head coach P286 Item coach: on-field manager or head coach of this sports club (not to be confused with a general manager, which is not a coaching position) or person Manchester United F.C. <head coach> Alex Ferguson -
general manager P505 Item general manager of a sports team Montreal Canadiens <general manager> Marc Bergevin -
captain P634 Item captain of this sports team London Knights <captain> Scott Harrington -
mascot P822 Item mascot of an organization, e.g. a sports team or university Carnegie Mellon University <mascot> Scotty -


How to tag…

  • that a player is affiliated with a team (including an optional time frame)
Use member of sports team (P54) miga for that, if you want to add a time frame use start time (P580) miga and end time (P582) miga as qualifiers
See basketball assistant coach (Q17279652) for an item on a basketball assistant coach, may need a more generic item for assistant coaches in general.
  • a national sports team
My personal solution for this: Use instance of (P31) = national sports team (Q1194951). For additional points add of (P642) = [nation] as qualifier to that claim. To add the type of sports, use sport (P641) = [sport]. As an alternative you could also use instance of (P31) = [sports team, e.g. basketball team (Q13393265)]. I prefer the sport (P641) solution though. --Bthfan (talk)


This one is not an easy problem to solve as quite a few Wikipedia articles mix team and club. Also people sometimes say "team" when they mean "club" (as far as I see this :). See the discussion page for more input on this.

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