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This pages provides helpful information for all WikiProjects that take care of sports related topics on Wikidata. This wiki page should provide an overview of the current status and useful information for Wikidata editors and users.


How to tag ...

  • that a player is affiliated with a team (including an optional time frame)
Use member of sports team (P54) miga for that, if you want to add a time frame use start date (P580) miga and end date (P582) miga as qualifiers
See basketball assistant coach (Q17279652) for an item on a basketball assistant coach, may need a more generic item for assistant coaches in general.
  • a national sports team
My personal solution for this: Use instance of (P31) = national sports team (Q1194951). For additional points add of (P642) = [nation] as qualifier to that claim. To add the type of sports, use sport (P641) = [sport]. As an alternative you could also use instance of (P31) = [sports team, e.g. basketball team (Q13393265)]. I prefer the sport (P641) solution though. --Bthfan (talk)


This one is not an easy problem to solve as quite a few Wikipedia articles mix team and club. Also people sometimes say "team" when they mean "club" (as far as I see this :). See the discussion page for more input on this.

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