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Showcase items on Wikidata are items that fully represent what Wikidata is capable of and displays in full detail the data that can be stored on Wikidata and then eventually used in every Wikimedia project and outside of Wikimedia.

A showcase item should show the full capabilities of Wikidata. Therefore, a basic guideline criteria is suggested below, which each showcase item should preferably follow:

  • At least 10 statements
  • Sources for non-trivial statements (sources other than Wikimedia projects)
  • A completed sitelink section for all known entries
  • A reasonable set (~4) of completed translations
  • An image associated with it (a plus)
  • Qualifiers where applicable
  • Aliases when appropriate
  • Statements in a reasonable order
  • Appropriate ranks for statements

You can suggest a future showcase item below on any topic of your interest.

Current Showcase[edit]

Approved for Showcase[edit]

Proposed for Showcase[edit]

In preparation[edit]

Items listed here are not to showcase standard because they are missing certain points in the criteria. Why not improve one to become showcase standard?