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This page lists common properties that apply to most road items.

instance of (P31)
Always road (Q34442)
highway marker (P14)
Commons link to any shield(s) that are used to sign the highway. Omit fair-use shields not available on Commons. Do not include the "File:" prefix.
road map (P15)
Commons link to all maps of the route that exist on Commons. Do not include the "File:" prefix.
highway system (P16)
Item link to the item about the system the highway is a part of.
maintained by (P126)
Item link to the road agency responsible for maintaining the road.
owned by (P127)
Item link to the owner of the road. In the United States, this is usually the same as maintenance.
is in the administrative territorial entity (P131)
States/provinces/counties the road passes through. Use the appropriate level for the scope of the article, i.e. on an article of national scope, use states/provinces, on an article of provincial scope, use counties/parishes/prefectures, on an article of county scope, use townships.
named after (P138)
What this road is named after, if applicable. (Example: <John Kilpatrick Turnpike> named after <John Kilpatrick>)
terminus (P559)
The intersecting highway at the highway's terminus (not the city). Use "direction" as a qualifier (P560) to distinguish between termini (example: <Oklahoma State Highway 133> terminus <Oklahoma State Highway 59> direction <north>). If there are multiple highways present at a terminus (due to a concurrency or some other situation like a traffic circle), include all the highways, and tag each with the direction.
terminus location (P609)
The location (town, city, unincorporated location, census-designated place, township, etc.) at the highway's terminus (not the intersecting highway). Use direction (P560) as a qualifier to distinguish between termini (example: Oklahoma State Highway 325 (Q2174691) <terminus location (P609)> Boise City (Q833668) <direction (P560)> east (Q684))
Termini at international borders or state/province lines should be handled as follows. For articles of national scope, use the country being entered or an item about the international border, if one exists (example: Interstate 5 (Q54725) <terminus location (P609)> Canada–United States border (Q119515) <direction (P560)> north (Q659)). For articles of provincial scope, use the state/province being entered (example: Interstate 5 in Washington (Q830648) <terminus location (P609)> British Columbia (Q1974) <direction (P560)> north (Q659)).
start date (P580)
The date a highway was designated (not built). (Example: <U.S. Route 66> start date November 11, 1926)
end date (P582)
The date a highway designation was cancelled, if applicable (not physically closed or torn up). (Example: <U.S. Route 66> end date June 27, 1985) If the designation is still active, do not use this property.
Commons category (P373)
The name of the Commons category.
part of (P361)
For items about a specific segment of a larger highway, like state-detail articles in the United States. Use this property to link to the item on the full length of the highway. (Example: Interstate 15 in Arizona (Q452902) <part of (P361)> Interstate 15 (Q93472))
country (P17)
Country or countries that the road is in.
coincident with (P1382)
Roads that run concurrent with this road. Use qualifiers to specify what portions are concurrent.