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This page is for the proposal of new properties.

Before proposing a property
  1. Check if the property already exists by looking at Wikidata:List of properties (manual list) and Special:AllPages.
  2. Check if the property is already pending or has been rejected.
  3. Check if you can give it similar label and definition as an existing Wikipedia infobox parameter, or if it can be matched to an infobox, to or from which data automatically can be transferred. See WD:WikiProject Infoboxes for suggestions.
  4. Select the right datatype for the Property.
  5. Start writing the documentation based on the preload form below and add it in the appropriate section.

Creating the property

  1. Creation can be done after 1 week by a property creator or an administrator.
  2. See steps when creating properties.

Add a request

This page is archived, currently at Archive 28.

To add a request, you should use this form:

=== {{TranslateThis | anchor = en
| de = <!-- PROPERTY NAME IN German (optional) -->
| fr = <!-- PROPERTY NAME IN French (optional) -->
<!-- |xx = property names in some other languages -->
}} ===
{{Property documentation
|status                 = <!--leave this empty-->
|description            = {{TranslateThis
  | en = put English description for property here, e.g. same as in the infobox documentation
|subject item           = Qnnnnnnn <!-- item corresponding to the concept represented by the property, if applicable; example: item ORCID (Q51044) for property ORCID (P496) --> 
|infobox parameter      = put Wikipedia infobox parameters here, if existing; ex: "population" in [[:en:template:infobox settlement]]
|datatype               = put datatype here (item, string, media, coordinate, monolingual text, multilingual text, time, URL, number)
|domain                 = types of items that may bear this property; preferably use Q templates, as specialized as possible, or text. Special values (having specialized validation schemes): Persons, Taxons
|allowed values         = type of linked items (Q template or text), list or range of allowed values, string pattern...
|source                 = external reference, Wikipedia list article (either infobox or source)
|example                = sample items that would use that property, with proposed values; example: {{Q|1}} => {{Q|2}}
|filter                 = (sample: 7 digit number can be validated with edit filter [[Special:AbuseFilter/17]])
|robot and gadget jobs  = Should or are bots or gadgets doing any task with this? (Checking other properties for consistency, collecting data, etc.)
|proposed by            = ~~~
(Add your motivation for this property here.) ~~~~

For a list of infobox parameters, you might want to use table format:

{{List of properties/Header}}

{{List of properties/Row|id=
|title          = audio
|type           = media
|qualifier      =
|description    = Commons sound file
|example-subject= Q187 <!-- Il Canto degli Italiani -->
|example-object = Inno di Mameli instrumental.ogg


For blank forms, see Property documentation and List of properties/Row

To reduce page size and functions for better loading,

  1. For transportation-related item property proposals, see Wikidata:Property proposal/Transportation.
  2. For economics-related item property proposals, see Wikidata:Property proposal/Economics.
  3. For natural science-related item property proposals, see Wikidata:Property proposal/Natural science.

Products & software products[edit]

Languages / Sprachen / Langues[edit]


Wikidata:List of properties • v · d · e
Status:    In progress
  • Description: type of wine made primarily from a single named grape, herb or fruit variety

Varietals aren't "genres" and that is the closest thing I can find to what would fit for listing types of grapes, fruits, or herbs used to make wines, liquors, beers, ciders, etc. This is my first time requesting a property and I'm unsure on if I did it right, but, perhaps others interested can help improve this request. Thank you for your consideration. SarahStierch (talk) 17:18, 6 July 2014 (UTC)

Pictogram voting comment.svg Comment: Sarah, could you give an example of how you see this property being used in a Wikidata statement? For something like Zinfandel (Q204433), we might be able to build a set of varietals with existing properties, e.g. "Zinfandel use (P366) varietal". Other useful statements might be "Zinfandel instance of (P31) cultivar", "Zinfandel subclass of (P279) Vitis vinifera". That instance of and subclass of usage would be consistent with how Wikidata classifies cats and dogs, e.g. Chihuahua (Q653).
Anyhow, food and drink is an interesting area for structured data. Let me know if the above makes sense or if you have other ideas about how to model things. Cheers, Emw (talk) 19:59, 6 July 2014 (UTC)
Hi User:Emw! Hmmm.... I'm not really sure actually...I'm pretty open minded and didn't give that aspect much thought outside of wanting to be able to use "varietal" as a statement. I'm not too sure...I can see the cultivar and vitis vinifera probably working best as statements versus the first varietal - but, since Zinfandel is a varietal, and it's a type of vitis vinifera.....hmmmm.... I'm leaning towards your experience in this to guide me! SarahStierch (talk) 20:06, 6 July 2014 (UTC)
Sarah, things like "Zinfandel" are tricky because they're polysemous. As you you say, Zinfandel is a type of wine and a type of grape. However, many statements for Zinfandel wine are false for Zinfandel grape, and vice versa. For example, Zinfandel wine is not susceptible to bunch rot and Zindandel grapes do not have an alcohol by volume range of 12-17%. The wine derives from the grape. I think these statements illustrate the need for two separate items for the two different senses of Zinfandel.
This kind of polysemy exists elsewhere, e.g. with the concept "influenza". Influenza is formally a type of disease, but it is often also used to refer to a type of virus. Separating the two concepts into two Wikidata items -- influenza (Q2840) and influenza virus (Q287246) -- allows us to be much more precise and expressive about each subject.
Perhaps we could do the same here with Zinfandel wine and the Zinfandel grape it derives from. That is, we could reserve Zinfandel (Q204433) for the grape and create a new item Zinfandel wine (Qx) for the wine. What do you think? Emw (talk) 00:29, 7 July 2014 (UTC)
User:Emw you are a genius! (But you probably knew that already). Making new items for wine is a GREAT idea. How do we make that happen. SarahStierch (talk) 01:59, 8 July 2014 (UTC)
@SarahStierch: I have started Wikidata:Property_proposal/Natural_science#fruit, I think the first step would be to start creating items for the fruits and linking them with their plants.--Micru (talk) 12:33, 17 August 2014 (UTC)