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Subdivision trees for types of subdivisions[edit]

All types of administrative divisions should be in two subclasses trees via subclass of (P279): one for its type and one for its country.

Subclass by type[edit]

Each type of administrative division should be have a type that is a subclass (or sub-subclass) of political territorial entity (Q1048835). Some examples of these trees are:

For a depiction of this tree, see Wikidata:Political geography task force/Subclasses tree.

Subclass by country[edit]

Each type of administrative division should also be in a subclass specific to its country. These parent items are generally in the format "political divisions of X" and are subclasses of administrative territorial entity of a single country (Q15916867). For example:

For a list of which items should be in each countries Wikidata:Political geography task force/List of subdivisions.

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