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The WikiProject dedicated to the wondrous world of occupation (Q13516667) and profession (Q28640)!


The goals of this WikiProject is to work and improve all items about occupations and professions, adding the necessary missing information (e.g. labels, descriptions, statements), as well as other necessary tasks. New professions appear and some fall into oblivion as time goes, and there are often national variations and subtilities. The goal will be to take all this into account, to make Wikidata's coverage of jobs, occupations and professions as accurate as possible, for all countries.

  • Create a contributor community around jobs and occupations
  • Create all appropriate properties to describe a job, and country specificities for this job
  • Import data from the local wikipedia pages
  • Reuse data to enrich all wikipedia pages
  • Keep the data up-to-date with regular statistics imports about those jobs

ToDo List[edit]

You can find a list of tasks, and add new tasks at: Wikidata_talk:Occupations_and_professions_task_force

Bots at work for the Taskforce[edit]


This section includes useful resources to be used on occupation and profession items.

Property Proposals[edit]

Other non-WP semantic initiatives[edit]

Example Item[edit]

We're using truck driver (Q508846) to showcase best practices. Feel free to enrich it further, so we get an idea of where we want to be for all professions.


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{{User Occupations_and_professions}}
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