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Title ID Data type Description Example Inverse
date of birth P569 Time date on which the subject was born (Jean-François Champollion) date of birth (1790-12-23)
place of birth P19 Item the most specific known (e.g. city instead of country, or hospital instead of city) (Marie Curie) place of birth (Warsaw)
birth name (Deprecated) P513 String DEPRECATED--use P1477 instead (John Paul II) birth name (Deprecated) (Karol Józef Wojtyła)
date of death P570 Time date on which the subject died (Jean-François Champollion) date of death (1832-03-04)
place of death P20 Item the most specific known (e.g. city instead of country, or hospital instead of city) (John F. Kennedy) place of death (Dallas)
cause of death P509 Item underlying or immediate cause of death. Underlying cause (e.g. car accident, stomach cancer) preferred. Use 'manner of death' (P1196) for broadest category, e.g. natural causes, accident, homicide, suicide (Theodore Roosevelt) cause of death (coronary thrombosis)
manner of death P1196 Item circumstances of a person's death; one of: natural causes, accident, suicide, homicide, pending investigation or special 'unknown value'. Use 'cause of death' (P509) for more immediate or underlying causes and events, e.g. heart attack, car accident (Paul Walker) manner of death (accident)
killed by P157 Item person who killed the subject (John F. Kennedy) killed by (Lee Harvey Oswald)
location of burial P119 Item location of grave, resting place, place of ash-scattering, etc, (e.g. city or cemetery) for a person. There may be several places: e.g. re-burials, cenotaphs, parts of body buried separately. (John F. Kennedy) location of burial (Arlington National Cemetery)
ancestral home P66 Item place of origin for ancestors of subject (Hu Shih) ancestral home (Jixi County)
member of P463 Item part of a specific organization or club. Do not use for membership in ethnic or social groups, nor for holding a position such as a member of parliament (use P39 for that). (Isaac Newton) member of (Royal Society)
ethnic group P172 Item subject's ethnicity (consensus is that a VERY high standard of proof is needed for this field to be used. In general this means 1) the subject claims it him/herself, or 2) it is widely agreed on by scholars, or 3) is fictional and portrayed as such). (Hosni Mubarak) ethnic group (Arab)
sex or gender P21 Item Sexual identity of the subject. The main are: male (Q6581097), female (Q6581072), transgender female (Q1052281). For animals, use male animal (Q44148) or female animal (Q43445). For groups of the same gender, use "subclass of" (P279) instead. (Confucius) sex or gender (male)
native language P103 Item language that a person learned natively (Usievalad Ihnatouski) native language (Belarusian)
country of citizenship P27 Item the object is a country that recognizes the subject as its citizen (Nelson Mandela) country of citizenship (South Africa)
educated at P69 Item educational institution attended by the subject (Abraham Klein) educated at (Harvard University)
occupation P106 Item occupation of a person; see also "field of work" (Property:P101) (Abraham Klein) occupation (physicist)
field of work P101 Item fields of work related to this item (physics, history). For occupation like physicist, historian see P106. Note: Can be used in any item besides person (Abraham Klein) field of work (quantum field theory)
notable works P800 Item subject's notable scientific work or work of art (Émile Zola) notable works (Germinal)
employer P108 Item organization for which the subject works or worked (Enrico Fermi) employer (University of Chicago)
award received P166 Item award or recognition received by a person, organisation or creative work (Liu Xiaobo) award received (2010 Nobel Peace Prize)
position held P39 Item subject currently or formerly holds the object position or public office (Angela Merkel) position held (chancellor of Germany)
member of political party P102 Item the political party of which this politician is or has been a member (Angela Merkel) member of political party (Christian Democratic Union)
official residence P263 Item the residence at which heads of government and other senior figures officially reside (Prime Minister of Canada) official residence (24 Sussex Drive)
member of sports team P54 Item sports teams or clubs that the subject currently represents or formerly represented (Lionel Messi) member of sports team (FC Barcelona)
religion P140 Item religion of a person or organization (MUST be claimed by the subject or documented by historical sources) (Elizabeth II) religion (Church of England)
sexual orientation P91 Item the sexual orientation of the person - use IF AND ONLY IF they have stated it themselves, unambiguously, or it has been widely agreed upon by historians after their death (Alan Turing) sexual orientation (homosexuality)
coat of arms image P94 Commons media file image of the item's coat of arms (Phillipe de Plessis) coat of arms image (File:Armoiries Philippe du Plaissis.svg)
coat of arms P237 Item subject's coat of arms (George Washington) coat of arms (Coat of arms of George Washington)
signature P109 Commons media file image of a person's signature (Leo Tolstoy) signature (File:Leo Tolstoy signature.svg)
doctoral advisor P184 Item person who supervised the doctorate or PhD thesis of the subject (Enrico Fermi) doctoral advisor (Luigi Puccianti)
doctoral student P185 Item doctoral student(s) of a professor (Enrico Fermi) doctoral student (Tsung-Dao Lee)
student of P1066 Item person who has taught this person (Alexander the Great) student of (Aristotle)
student P802 Item notable student(s) of a person (Albert Einstein) student (Ernst G. Straus)
military branch P241 Item the branch to which this military unit, award, or person belongs, e.g. Royal Navy (William Henry Allen) military branch (United States Navy)
military rank P410 Item military rank achieved by a person (should usually have a "start date" qualifier) (Guillaume-Henri Dufour) military rank (general)
canonization status P411 Item stage in the process of attaining sainthood per the subject's religious organization. (John Paul II) canonization status (beatification)
voice type P412 Item person's voice type. expected values: soprano, mezzo-soprano, contralto, countertenor, tenor, baritone, bass (and derivatives) (Cesare Valletti) voice type ((invalid))
position played on team P413 Item position the player plays, e.g. Small Forward (Joe Thornton) position played on team (centre)
shooting handedness P423 Item whether the hockey, football, handball or tennis player etc. passes oŗ shoots left- or right-handed (Joe Thornton) shooting handedness ((invalid))
astronaut mission P450 Item space mission that the subject is or has been a member of (do not include future missions) (Marcos Pontes) astronaut mission (Soyuz TMA-8)
dan/kyu rank P468 Item rank system used in several board games (e.g. go, shogi, renju), martial arts (e.g. judo, kendo, wushu) and some other games (Go Seigen) dan/kyu rank (9 dan)
Eight Banner register P470 Item Manchu household register for people of the Qing Dynasty (Oboi) Eight Banner register (Manchu Bordered Yellow Banner)
noble family P53 Item include dynasty and nobility houses (Genghis Khan) noble family (Borjigin)
noble title P97 Item royal or noble titles held by the person (William Mansfield, 1st Baron Sandhurst) noble title (Baron Sandhurst)
honorific prefix P511 Item word or expression used before a name, in addressing or referring to a person (Douglas Haig, 1st Earl Haig) honorific prefix (The Right Honourable)
academic degree P512 Item academic degree that the person holds (Paul Krugman) academic degree (Doctor of Philosophy)
commands P598 Item for persons who are notable as commanding officers, the units they commanded (Raoul Salan) commands (French Far East Expeditionary Corps)
conflict P607 Item battles, wars or engagements in which the person or item participated (Louis-Gaston de Sonis) conflict (Battle of Loigny-Poupry)
surname P734 Item surname or last name of a person (George Washington) surname (Washington)
given name P735 Item first name or another given name of this person. Values used with the property shouldn't link disambiguations nor family names. (George Washington) given name (George)
pseudonym P742 String alias used by someone or by which this person is universally known (Mark Twain) pseudonym (Mark Twain)
feast day P841 Item saint's principal feast day (Saint Patrick) feast day (March 17)
recording of the subject's voice P990 Commons media file audio file representing the voice of a person / animated cartoon or other fictitious character (Mary Robinson) recording of the subject's voice (Mary Robinson - Desert Island Discs - 28 July 2013.flac)
manager/director P1037 Item person who manages any kind of group (musée du Louvre) manager/director (Jean-Luc Martinez)
doubles titles P1130 Quantity number of tournament victories in tennis doubles (Rafael Nadal) doubles titles (8)
singles titles P1131 Quantity number of tournament victories in tennis singles (Rafael Nadal) singles titles (57)
filmography P1283 Item list of films a person has contributed to (Bruce Lee) filmography (Bruce Lee filmography)
instrument P1303 Item instrument that a person plays (Ringo Starr) instrument (drum)
participant of P1344 Item event a person was a participant in, inverse of P710 (Alberto Tomba) participant of (1992 Winter Olympics) 710
convicted of P1399 Item crime a person was convicted of
languages spoken or published P1412 Item language(s) that a person speaks or writes. Can include native languages
affiliation P1416 Item organization that a person is affiliated with (Raoul Bott) affiliation (Institute for Advanced Study)
pet P1429 Item pet that a person owns (Barack Obama) pet (Bo)
Commons Creator page P1472 String name of the person's creator page on Wikimedia Commons (without the prefix "Creator") (Augustus Henry Fox) Commons Creator page (Augustus Henry Fox)
country for sport P1532 Item country a person represents when playing a sport


Title ID Data type Description Example Inverse
father P22 Item male parent (Elizabeth II) father (George VI) 40
mother P25 Item female parent (Elizabeth II) mother (Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother) 40
brother P7 Item subject has the object as their brother (Andy Murray) brother (Jamie Murray) 7 or 9
sister P9 Item subject has the object as their sister (female sibling) (Elizabeth II) sister (Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon) 7 or 9
spouse P26 Item the subject has the object as their spouse (husband, wife, partner, etc.). Use "cohabitant" for non-married companions (Elizabeth II) spouse (Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh) 26
cohabitant P451 Item someone with whom the person is in a relationship without being married. Use "spouse" for married couples. 451
child P40 Item the subject has the object as their biological child (Elizabeth II) child (Charles, Prince of Wales) 22 or 25
stepfather P43 Item husband of the subject's mother, who is not the subject's biological father (Bill Clinton) stepfather (Roger Clinton, Sr.) 40
stepmother P44 Item wife of the subject's father, who is not the subject's biological mother 40
(OBSOLETE) grandparent P45 Item Do not use it, use father (P22) or mother (P25) instead on subject's parent item page (Elizabeth II) (OBSOLETE) grandparent (George V)
relative P1038 Item non-direct family member (qualify with "type of kinship", P1039)
godparent P1290 Item person who is the godparent of a given person (Queen Victoria) godparent (Alexander I of Russia)