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Administrators as of May 2015 (edit)
  1. -revi, ko, en‑3
  2. 555, pt, en‑2, es‑1, fr‑1, ca‑1
  3. Addshore, en, de‑1
  4. Ajraddatz, en‑ca, fr‑1
  5. Alan ffm, pl, de‑4, en‑2, ru‑2, it‑1, es‑1
  6. AmaryllisGardener, en, sco‑2, pih‑1
  7. Andreasmperu‎, es, en‑4, fr‑3, de‑3, it‑2
  8. Andre Engels, nl, en‑4, de‑3, fr‑1
  9. Arkanosis, fr, en‑3, de‑2, vi‑1
  10. Ash Crow, fr, en‑3, br‑1, de‑1
  11. Ayack, fr, en‑3, es‑2
  12. Bene*, de, la‑3, en‑2
  13. Calak, ku, ckb, fa‑4, ar‑2, en‑2
  14. Caliburn, en, fr‑2, es‑1
  15. Cheers!, vi, en‑2, ja‑1, zh‑1
  16. Chrumps, pl, en‑2
  17. Conny, de, en‑3, ru‑1
  18. Courcelles, en, fr‑2, es‑2
  19. Csigabi, hu, en‑3, de‑1, ru‑1
  20. Delusion23, en‑gb, fr‑1
  21. Ebraminio, fa
  22. Edoderoo, nl, en‑4, de‑2
  23. Epìdosis, it, en‑2, fr‑1, la‑1, grc‑1
  24. FakirNL, nl, en‑4, de‑2, fr‑2
  25. Fomafix, de, en‑3, la‑1
  26. Hahc21, es, en, pt‑3, fr‑1, it‑1, ca‑1
  27. Haplology, en, ja‑3
  28. Harmonia Amanda, fr, en‑3, es‑2, la‑1, oc‑1
  29. Hazard-SJ, en, en‑gb, fr‑2, es‑2
  30. Hoo man, de, en‑3, fr‑1, it‑1
  31. Inkowik, de, en‑3, fr‑2
  32. Jakec, en
  33. JAn Dudík, cs, en‑3, sk‑2, de‑1
  34. Jared Preston, en, de‑4, ru‑2, nl‑1
  35. Jasper Deng, en, fr‑2
  36. Jianhui67, en, zh‑3, ms‑1
  37. John F. Lewis, en, cy‑3, es‑1, fr‑1, de‑1
  38. Jon Harald Søby, nb, en‑4, nn‑3, sv‑3, da‑2, de‑2, sw‑2, eo‑1, es‑1, ro‑1
  39. Ladsgroup, fa, en‑4, az‑2, nl‑1
  40. LadyInGrey, es, en‑2
  41. Lymantria, nl, en‑3, de‑2, fy‑2, fr‑1
  42. Matěj Suchánek‎, cs, en‑3, de‑2, sk‑2, sv‑1
  43. Multichill, nl, en‑3, de‑1, fr‑1
  44. Mushroom, it, en‑4, es‑2, fr‑2
  45. Nikosguard, el, en‑3, it‑1
  46. Pamputt, fr, en‑2
  47. Pasleim, gsw, de‑4, en‑3, fr‑1
  48. Penn Station, ja, en‑2
  49. Place Clichy, fr, en‑4, el‑3, de‑2, it‑1
  50. PMG, pl, en‑2
  51. Ricordisamoa, it, en‑2
  52. Rippitippi, it, en‑2, fr‑1, es‑1
  53. Romaine, nl, en‑3, de‑2
  54. Rschen7754, en, es‑2
  55. Rzuwig, pl, en‑2
  56. Saehrimnir, de, en‑3, fr‑1, es‑1, nl‑1
  57. Sannita, it, en‑3, es‑1
  58. Scott5114, en, es‑1
  59. Sjoerddebruin, nl, en‑3, de‑1, fr‑1
  60. Sotiale, ko, en‑2, ja‑2, bi‑2, eo‑1
  61. SPQRobin, nl, en‑3, fr‑2, de‑2
  62. Steenth, da, en‑2, de‑1, nb‑1, nn‑1, sv‑1, fr‑1
  63. Stryn, fi, en‑2, sv‑1
  64. Taketa, nl, li‑4, en‑4, de‑1, fr‑1
  65. TCN7JM, en, es‑2
  66. ValterVB, it, en‑2
  67. Vogone de, lt‑3, en‑3, fr‑2, nl‑1
  68. Wagino 20100516, id, en‑3, ms‑3, jv‑2, map‑bms‑2, min‑1, su‑1, bjn‑1, ace‑1
  69. Whym, ja, en‑2
  70. Ymblanter, ru, en‑3, de‑2, fr‑2, nl‑2, it‑1, es‑1
  71. YMS, de, en‑3, es‑1, fr‑1
  72. Zolo, fr, en‑4, de‑2, zh‑2
  73. 분당선M (DangSunM), ko, en‑2
  74. 콩가루 (Konggaru), ko, en‑2

  75. Abuse filter, PHP automated account that performs actions triggered by the abuse filter
  76. Dexbot, python bot account that deletes obsolete items

The system currently recognizes 76 administrators. If that is not the last number in the list above, there is an error in the list.

Administrators (also known as sysops) are users on Wikidata who are trusted with janitorial tasks such as deleting and blocking. Administrators are elected by a community vote at Wikidata:Requests for permissions, after a week of discussion with at least eight supporting votes, with a total of more than 75% of voters supporting.

Rights and abilities

Administrators have access to additional abilities, referred to as rights because they are expected to use them within the scope defined by the Wikidata community. Policies around administrators' abilities can be found on the following pages:

Administrators also manage the AbuseFilters, can edit the MediaWiki interface and use the rollback right to remove vandalism.

Administrators can assign the following permissions, but do not need to assign these to themselves, because the administrator user group includes all of the rights (except for the translation administrator and flood flags, whose rights are not included in the sysop group):

  • the confirmed flag to trusted users who have been registered for less than four days and have less than 50 edits.
  • the IP block exemption right to users in good standing who are editing from a blocked IP
  • the property creator right to users who are experienced in the property-creation process
  • the rollback right to users who can be trusted to use rollback for vandalism and test edits only
  • the flood flag to themselves temporarily if they make repetitive changes in a short period of time. Other users can request it from bureaucrats.
  • the translation administrator right - only to their own account, not other users. Only bureaucrats can assign this right to other users.

Contacting administrators

For general help from administrators, Wikidata:Administrators' noticeboard may be used. Individual administrators may be contacted on their user talk pages.

All current administrators are listed to the right of this page, as well as on Special:ListUsers/sysop.

Other accounts with administrative access

To facilitate the development of Wikidata, some Wikimedia Deutschland staff members technically hold full administrator access. A list of users with such access can be found here. These staff accounts should be used only for development, testing, spam-fighting, and emergencies. The private accounts of staff members do not get admin access by default. If Wikidata staff members desire admin rights for their private accounts, those should be gained going through the processes developed by the community.

Global sysops and stewards technically have full administrator access (except the ability to assign user rights that can be assigned locally or create properties). However, they are only allowed to use their admin tools for

  • blocking accounts and IP addresses in cases of vandalism, spam or long-term abuse
  • performing rollbacks according to Wikidata's rollback guideline and marking edits as patrolled
  • deletions of vandalism or spam
  • non-controversial housekeeping within the MediaWiki namespace

They must not revert or overrule any actions that are performed by a local administrator. If a global sysop misuses their rights, any local user in good standing may ask them to stop.

Losing adminship

Administrator access is removed from accounts which have been inactive for six months. Inactivity is defined as less than five administrator/bureaucrat actions over this six month period. The original policy of ten administrator/bureaucrat actions was created on 23 July 2013 after a request for comment, with that policy applying retroactively to any account with administrative access at the time. However, this policy was changed on 31 March 2015 after another request for comment. Admin accounts are checked for inactivity on the first day of each month. There is currently no reprieve system in place for inactive administrators other than filing a new permissions request. Statistics on admin activity can be checked on this page.

Administrator access can also be removed after a community vote at Wikidata:Requests for permissions/Removal, with at least 50% of participants supporting the removal.

Administrator access can also be removed due to voluntary resignation of the administrator. Administrators wishing to resign their access may request removal at steward requests on meta. If the administrator wishes to regain their access after a voluntary resign, it can be requested at the bureaucrats' noticeboard within 6 months of their last logged action in line with the inactivity policy.

Temporary administrators

All administrators elected before 22 January 2013 held the rights for three months as temporary administrators. The confirmation page for these administrators can be found at Wikidata:Administrators/Confirm 2013. The confirmations ended on March 22.

Timeline of Wikidata’s administrators

A timeline which shows all current and former administrators can be found at Wikidata:Administrators/Timeline.

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