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South America!
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Who is Rschen7754?

Contacting me

I usually idle in #wikipedia-en-roads (w:en:WP:HWY/IRC) and other channels. You are welcome to come to #wikipedia-en-roads if you need to contact me. If I am not online there, I respond quickly to emails if time is critical (use the Email user link on the left). I do not accept unblock requests by email; please follow the normal Wikipedia procedures.


Although I am a steward, and this role does influence my views on policy, comments that I make on Wikidata do not necessarily represent the views of stewards, and are made in my capacity as an editor or local administrator, unless expressly stated otherwise. As Wikidata is one of my home wikis, I do not perform steward actions here unless they are entirely uncontroversial, or in the event of an emergency.

I am an active content writer, and my comments on most content-related issues are in my role as a content editor, not as an administrator. While my role as an administrator certainly does affect my interpretation of our content policies and guidelines, per w:en:WP:INVOLVED I only perform noncontroversial actions in the roads subject area.

I believe that holders of advanced permissions should be accountable for their actions. Thus, my global recall/resignation pledge is located at m:User:Rschen7754/Resigning.

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Please contact me at w:en:User talk:Rschen7754. WikiProject U.S. Roads
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