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  • MH français :[31:%28tree[916475][][279]%29]_AND_tree[142][150][17,131]
    • 14,473 au 29 septembre 2013
    • 14,540 au 29 octobre 2013
    • 14,229 au 25 novembre 2013 (suite au nettoyage des communes classées à tort comme MH)
  • MH français sans identifiant Mérimée :[31:%28TREE[916475][][279]%29]_AND_tree[142][150][17,131]_AND_noclaim[380]
  • Voies parisiennes :[31:%28TREE[83620][][279]%29]_AND_tree[90][150][131]

[106:29182 Wikidata Query]

P39:Q29182 -P106:Q29182


Généalogies à compléter[edit]

P1196 takes only 5 values[edit]

Hi, I notice you added many manner of death (P1196) claims via User:AyackBot, e.g. "Croquart manner of death horse fall". As noted at Property_talk:P1196, P1196 takes one of only 5 values:

Values like horse fall (Q2967712) are appropriate for cause of death (P509), but not manner of death (P1196). These properties are imported pieces of controlled vocabulary used by demographers to structure general and specific data on how people die. See Wikidata:Property_proposal/Archive/20#manner_of_death for more detail. I have fixed most of the erroneous "manner of death (P1196) horse fall (Q2967712)" claims -- just wanted to leave a note for future reference. Thanks, Emw (talk) 01:44, 4 November 2014 (UTC)