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video (P10)record held (P1000)belongs to jurisdiction (P1001)
engine configuration (P1002)NLR (Romania) identifier (P1003)MusicBrainz place ID (P1004)
PTBNP identifier (P1005)NTA identifier (Netherlands) (P1006)Lattes Platform number (P1007)
field of work (P101)excluding (P1011)including (P1012)
criterion used (P1013)Art & Architecture Thesaurus ID (P1014)BIBSYS identifier (P1015)
asteroid taxonomy (P1016)BAV (Vatican Library) identifier (P1017)language regulatory body (P1018)
feed URL (P1019)member of political party (P102)KldB-2010 occupation code (P1021)
CNO-11 occupation code (P1022)SBC-2010 occupation code (P1023)SBFI occupation code (P1024)
SUDOC editions (P1025)doctoral thesis (P1026)awarded by (P1027)
donated by (P1028)crew member (P1029)native language (P103)
light characteristic of a lighthouse (P1030)legal citation of this text (P1031)Digital Rights Management system (P1032)
GHS signal word (P1033)main food source (P1034)honorific suffix (P1035)
Dewey Decimal Classification (P1036)manager/director (P1037)relative (P1038)
type of kinship (P1039)film editor (P1040)sockets supported (P1041)
ZDB identifier (P1042)IDEO Job ID (P1043)SWB editions (P1044)
Sycomore ID (P1045)discovery method (P1046)Catholic Hierarchy ID (P1047)
NCL identifier (P1048)deity of (P1049)taxon rank (P105)
medical condition (P1050)PSH ID (P1051)Portuguese Job Code CPP-2010 (P1052)
ResearcherID (P1053)NDL editions (P1054)NLM ID (P1055)
produces (P1056)chromosome (P1057)ERA Journal ID (P1058)
CVR (P1059)occupation (P106)pathogen transmission process (P1060)
track gauge (P1064)archive URL (P1065)student of (P1066)
Thailand central administrative unit code (P1067)instruction set (P1068)Danemark Job Code (DISCO-08) (P1069)
DEPRECATED main type (GND) (P107)PlantList-ID (P1070)place made (P1071)
readable file format (P1072)writable file format (P1073)fictional analog of (P1074)
rector (P1075)ICTV virus ID (P1076)KOATUU identifier (P1077)
valvetrain configuration (P1078)launch contractor (P1079)employer (P108)
from narrative or fictional universe (P1080)Human Development Index (P1081)population (P1082)
seating capacity (P1083)EUL editions (P1084)LibraryThing work identifier (P1085)
atomic number (P1086)ELO rating (P1087)Mohs' hardness (P1088)
signature (P109)redshift (P1090)total produced (P1092)
gross tonnage (P1093)orbital eccentricity (P1096)g-factor (P1097)
number of speakers (P1098)masts (P1099)illustrator (P110)
number of cylinders (P1100)floors above ground (P1101)flattening (P1102)
number of platforms (P1103)number of pages (P1104)sandbox-quantity (P1106)
proportion (P1107)electronegativity (P1108)refractive index (P1109)
measured physical quantity (P111)attendance (P1110)votes received (P1111)
Pokédex number (P1112)series length (P1113)number of instances (P1114)
ATVK ID (P1115)Kallikratis geographical code (P1116)pKa (P1117)
tennis singles ranking (P1118)tennis doubles ranking (P1119)founder (P112)
number of deaths (P1120)oxidation state (P1121)spin quantum number (P1122)
parity (P1123)teu (P1124)Gini coefficient (P1125)
isospin quantum number (P1126)isospin z-component (P1127)employees (P1128)
national team caps (P1129)airline hub (P113)doubles titles (P1130)
singles titles (P1131)number of participants (P1132)DGO4 identifier (P1133)
located in place (P1134)nomenclatural status (P1135)solved by (P1136)
fossil found in this unit (P1137)Kunstindeks Danmark (P1138)floors below ground (P1139)
airline alliance (P114)EHAK id (P1140)number of processor cores (P1141)
political ideology (P1142)BN (Argentine) editions (P1143)LCOC LCCN (bibliographic) (P1144)
Lagrangian point (P1145)IAAF ID (P1146)neutron number (P1148)
Library of Congress Classification (P1149)home venue (P115)Regensburg Classification (P1150)
topic's main portal (P1151)IPTC Media Topic (P1152)Scopus Author ID (P1153)
Scopus EID (P1154)Scopus Affiliation ID (P1155)Scopus Source ID (P1156)
US Congress Bio identifier (P1157)landing site (P1158)CODEN (P1159)
ISO 4 abbreviation (P1160)Z39.5 abbreviation (P1161)Bluebook abbreviation (P1162)
Internet media type (P1163)cardinality of the group (P1164)home world (P1165)
USB ID (P1167)municipality code (Denmark) (P1168)chemical structure (P117)
transmitted signal (P1170)approximation algorithm (P1171)Geokod (P1172)
visitors per year (P1174)league (P118)numeric value (P1181)
LIBRIS editions (P1182)Gewässerkennzahl (P1183)handle (P1184)
Rodovid ID (P1185)MEP directory identifier (P1186)Dharma Drum Buddhist College person ID (P1187)
Dharma Drum Buddhist College place ID (P1188)Chinese Library Classification (P1189)place of burial (P119)
Universal Decimal Classification (P1190)first performance (P1191)connecting service (P1192)
prevalence (P1193)received signal (P1194)file extension (P1195)
manner of death (P1196)unemployment rate (P1198)mode of inheritance (P1199)
river basin category (P1200)space tug (P1201)carries scientific instrument (P1202)
Finnish municipality number (P1203)portal's main topic (P1204)NUKAT authorities (P1207)
ISMN (P1208)GAPP Identifier (P1209)aircraft operated (P121)
supercharger (P1210)fuel system (P1211)Atlas ID (P1212)
NLC authorities (P1213)Riksdagen person-id (P1214)apparent magnitude (P1215)
English Heritage list number (P1216)Internet Broadway Database venue ID (P1217)Internet Broadway Database production ID (P1218)
Internet Broadway Database show ID (P1219)basic form of government (P122)Internet Broadway Database person ID (P1220)
compressor type (P1221)NARA person ID (P1222)NARA organization ID (P1223)
NARA geographic ID (P1224)NARA topical subject ID (P1225)NARA specific records type ID (P1226)
astronomical filter (P1227)Philippine Standard Geographic Code ID (P1228)Openpolis ID (P1229)
publisher (P123)JSTOR journal code (P1230)NARA catalogue record ID (P1231)
Linguist list code (P1232)ISFDB author ID (P1233)ISFDB publication ID (P1234)
ISFDB series ID (P1235)Parsons code (P1236)Box Office Mojo film ID (P1237)
Swedish Football Association ID (P1238)ISFDB publisher ID (P1239)Danish Bibliometric Research Indicator level (P1240)
Swiss Football Association Club Number (P1241)Theatricalia play ID (P1242)International Standard Recording Code (P1243)
phone number (P1244)OmegaWiki Defined Meaning (P1245)patent number (P1246)
compression ratio (P1247)KulturNav-id (P1248)earliest written record (P1249)
Danish Bibliometric Research Indicator (BFI) SNO/CNO (P1250)maintained by (P126)owned by (P127)
regulates (molecular biology) (P128)physically interacts with (P129)is in the administrative-territorial entity (P131)
type of administrative entity (P132)super language family (P133)dialect (P134)
movement (P135)genre (P136)operator (P137)
named after (P138)highway marker (P14)religion (P140)
IUCN conservation status (P141)imported from (P143)based on (P144)
architectural style (P149)road map (P15)contains administrative territorial entity (P150)
logo image (P154)preceded by (P155)succeeded by (P156)
killed by (P157)seal image (P158)headquarters location (P159)
highway system (P16)cast member (P161)producer (P162)
flag (P163)award received (P166)structure replaced by (P167)
(OBSOLETE) structure type (P168)chief executive officer (P169)country (P17)
creator (P170)parent taxon (P171)ethnic group (P172)
(OBSOLETE) type of election (P173)performer/musical artist (P175)manufacturer (P176)
crosses (P177)developer (P178)series (P179)
image (P18)depicts (P180)range map (P181)
endemic to (P183)doctoral advisor (P184)doctoral student (P185)
material used (P186)discovery place (P189)place of birth (P19)
twin city (P190)main building contractor (P193)legislative body (P194)
collection (P195)minor planet group (P196)adjacent station (P197)
ship builder (P198)business division (P199)place of death (P20)
lake inflows (P200)lake outflow (P201)lake type (P202)
basin country (P205)located next to body of water (P206)bathymetry image (P207)
executive body (P208)highest judicial authority (P209)sex or gender (P21)
party chief representative (P210)ISBN-13 (P212)ISNI (ISO 27729) (P213)
VIAF identifier (P214)spectral class (P215)inventory number (P217)
ISO 639-1 (P218)ISO 639-2 (P219)father (P22)
ISO 639-3 (P220)ISO 639-6 (P221)galaxy morphological type (P223)
taxon name (P225)GND identifier (P227)IATA airline designator (P229)
ICAO airline designator (P230)CAS registry number (P231)EINECS number (P232)
SMILES (P233)InChI (P234)InChIKey (P235)
ISSN (P236)coat of arms (P237)IATA airport code (P238)
ICAO airport code (P239)FAA airport code (P240)military branch (P241)